Clear Linux* OS on Microsoft Hyper-V*

This page explains how to run Clear Linux* OS inside a Windows Server Virtualization* or Hyper-V environment.


Enable Hyper-V

Please refer to Install Hyper-V on Windows 10 to enable and configure Hyper-V on your machine.

Create a virtual network

Once Hyper-V has been enabled on your Windows system, you will need to create a virtual network in the Hyper-V Manager. Refer to the Create a virtual network documentation to create and configure a virtual network.

Create a virtual machine

  1. Download and decompress the latest hyperv disk image clear-XXXXX-hyperv.img.gz, where XXXXX is the latest available version of Clear Linux OS from our Downloads page.

  2. Create a virtual machine using the Hyper-V Manager:

    1. Choose Generation 2 when prompted to specify VM generation.
    2. Choose Use an existing virtual hard disk and browse to find the clear-XXXX-hyperv.vhdx file.
    3. When finished, open VM settings, select Firmware Section and in Secure Boot config, uncheck Enable Secure Boot.


    Currently, Clear Linux OS does not boot with secure boot enabled.

  3. Connect to your new VM and start it. You should see a prompt:

    > User: root
  4. Set a root user password.

Your virtual machine running Clear Linux OS is ready!