Developer Workstation

This guide helps you find the minimum set of bundles needed to start your Clear Linux* OS development project.

Before continuing, review the swupd guide to learn more about the swupd tool and how Clear Linux OS simplifies software versioning compared to other Linux* distributions.

Workstation Setup

After installing the minimum set of bundles required to get started, you can add more bundles relevant to your specific use case.

To run any process required for Clear Linux OS development, you can add the large bundle *os-clr-on-clr*. However, you may want to deploy a leaner OS with only bundles relevant to your project.

Use the Developer Profiles tabs to start installing suggested bundles based on your role or project. Installing any dkms bundle gives all the tools you need to start. Consider these profiles as a starting point.


Click on a bundle to learn how to install it using swupd.

Function Bundle
Build machine learning applications with a full suite of libraries. machine-learning-basic
Build machine learning applications with PyTorch, an optimized tensor library for deep learning. machine-learning-pytorch
Build machine learning applications using Tensorflow, a library for numerical computation using deep neural networks. machine-learning-tensorflow
Web-based, interactive tools for machine learning. machine-learning-web-ui
Machine learning Docker container. machine-learning
Pre-built Python libraries for Data Science. python-extras
API helper for cloud access. cloud-api
Function Bundle
Build computer vision applications. computer-vision-basic
Work with deep learning and edge-optimized models. computer-vision-models
Basic OpenVINO™ toolkit. computer-vision-openvino
API helper for cloud access. cloud-api
Run container applications from Dockerhub in lightweight virtual machines. containers-virt
All content for pkgconfig file opencv.pc. devpkg-opencv
Refer also to Cloud Orchestration Engineer  
Function Bundle
Contains Clear Linux* OS native software for cloud. ethtool
Utilities for controlling TCP/IP networking and traffic control. iproute2
API helper for cloud access. cloud-api
C++ runtime support. libstdcpp
Load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules. p11-kit
Function Bundle
Installs kernel, initrd, kernel config, system map; creates a bootloader entry. kernel-install
Support module for building/loading via Dynamic Kernel Module System (DKMS) in LTS kernel. kernel-lts-dkms
Support module for building/loading via Dynamic Kernel Module System (DKMS) in native kernel. kernel-native-dkms
Support module for building/loading via Dynamic Kernel Module System (DKMS) in AWS kernel. kernel-aws-dkms
Run the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) with Clear Linux OS as a guest under KVM. kernel-kvm
Linux Test Project. ltp
Function Bundle
Basic tools for makers and experimenters. maker-basic
GIS/Mapping tools for makers. maker-gis
Electronic Design Tool. Fritzing
Open-source electronics prototyping platform. arduino-ide
Function Bundle
Run popular terminal text editors. editors
Run network utilities and modify network settings. network-basic
Run a secure shell (SSH) server for access from remote machines. openssh-server
Run an HTTP server. nginx
Run an application server via HTTP. application-server
Run a SQLite database. sqlite
Bundle to automatically launch the GUI upon boot. desktop-autostart

Core Concepts

We recommend that you understand these core concepts in Clear Linux OS before developing your project.