Clear Linux* Project

Welcome to the Clear Linux* OS documentation pages, the source for Clear Linux OS documentation.

Our documentation is divided into the following sections:

Get started

If you are new to Clear Linux OS, get started quickly with step-by-step instructions for installing Clear Linux OS on bare metal, in a virtual environment, or as a live image on a USB stick.


Clear Linux OS is different from other Linux distributions.

Updates, ease of use, and custom derivatives are a few of the differences this section explains. Orient yourself to these differences and why they matter to you.


Guides cover a range of topics from Clear Linux OS features and tooling, to system maintenance, network, and stacks.

Use case tutorials

Sample use cases, with step-by-step instructions, show how to set up third-party tools and software with Clear Linux OS.


This section provides additional reference information on the Clear Linux OS project.


The FAQ section provides answers to commonly asked questions about Clear Linux OS.


This section describes how to contribute to Clear Linux OS documentation.